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$29 $24 per person
Quba City (Quba) is the administrative center of the Guba region in Azerbaijan. The city is located on the northeastern slopes of the famous Shahdag mountain, at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level.
The lip has always been a favorite place among Baku residents, since the distance from Baku is only 168 km, and after a couple of hours they turned out to be a fairy tale. There is everything for family holidays. And wonderful mountains, forest, river. The tourist industry in Guba is highly developed, a huge number of recreation areas, hotels, restaurants and scenic spots.

If you believe the historians, the city of Guba was founded in the XV century. In 1735, the ruler Huseyn Ali Khan transferred his residence from Khachmaz, thereby making Guba the capital of the Guba khanate. In 1796 and 1806, the Russian army settled here, and in 1840 became the Derbent gubernia. After in 1859 the lip is transferred to the Baku province.
Sights – city of Guba
In Guba, there is something to see, for example: a 80-meter-high waterfall located near the Afurdzha River, and Pirbyanovska Falls is located in this region. The lip is famous for its healing corners. Such as: Balbulag, Gyzbianyovshya, Gatchresh, break Tengealt.
The lip is rich in its flora and fauna, there is a great opportunity for fishing and hunting. And proud bald eagles have been entered into the Red Book of Azerbaijan. There are two artificial lakes. The most important lip is famous for its apple gardens. Tourists will have something to see and photograph, as the Guba region is also rich in natural monuments. Among them: “Gelin Gaya”, “Gizil Gaya”, “Stone Guljahan”, “Hatadere”, “Jefer deresi”, gorge “Nene-uy”, “Khan Bulagy”, “Dash Gelinler”, “Tree House”, “Ateshgah”, “Khaltan suyu”, “Hashi isti suyu”, “Sona Bulagy”, “Gyrhbulag”, “Khan Chinar”, “Yol Gyazyatchisi”, Pyrite Basin, Oak Forest, Gyzylagach Forest.
The ancient settlements of the Guba region have survived to our times. One of these village Utug, which belong to the XII-XIII centuries. In this place were found coins belonging to the rule of the Shirvanshahs. At a distance of 65 km from the center, at an altitude of 2500 meters is the village of Xinaliq. Only 3,000 people live, the population is a separate ethnographic group, they have their own language, their traditions and customs.
The village of Krasnaya Sloboda is located in Guba, which is home to the largest community of mountain Jews in the world. Residents of this village are mainly engaged in trade. The lip is also famous for carpet weaving, the Guba carpets are considered one of the best in Azerbaijan.
Now Guba is one of the best tourist areas in Azerbaijan. Tourism here is well developed and continues to evolve. Tourists from the capital and from all over the world come not only to relax, get fresh air, improve health, but also visit historical monuments. Below, just in case, we will provide a list of recreation areas in Guba, in case you decide to go.


EKONOM Package: 24 AZN
Saturdays and Sundays every week

✅Price includes:
🔸 Comfortable transport
🍳 Breakfast (fat – honey – cheese – cream – egg – bread – tea)
🔸Foto shooting
🔸 Music along the way
🔸Tur Leader
🔸Topping games

📍Quba District History and Ethnography Museum
📍Gasrush Forest – wild walnut, hazelnut, cranberry, hawthorn, hips, apple, pear and spruce trees in the forest
📍Red Town
📍Canjibel lake is located around 2 km from Nugadi village, about 14 km from the district center

1 Day
Children aged 0-5 are free (unless transport is included).+ Age
  • Destination
  • Departure
    Ganjilik Mall - Proximity to Tofig Bahramov Stadium
  • Departure Time
    Attendance: 06:00 - 06:30
  • Return Time
    Return: 23:00
  • Included
    Azerbaijan Tour
  • Not Included
    Cruise Tour
    Europe Tour
    Turkey Tour

The price of the tour may vary depending on the number of travelers entering the group.


It is possible to arrange individual tours for groups of more than 17 (at your own discretion).


Children aged 0-5 are free (unless transport is included).


Use of alcoholic beverages during the tour is strictly forbidden!

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